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Intuit Anywhere is Intuit's attempt at building a sort of "app store" geared around applications that integrate with QuickBooks. Right now, use of these APIs are only allowed if you are a SaaS application (e.g. you charge a recurring fee for the use of a web app that you both built and host, which allows your customers to connect their QuickBooks files to your web app).

Essentially how this works is:

  • for QuickBooks desktop for Windows (2009 and newer, USA editions only) - the end-user syncs his QuickBooks data to Intuit's servers, and then you perform adds/mods/queries against Intuit's servers. Any changes you make to Intuit's servers are then automatically propagated back to the end-user's QuickBooks file.
  • for QuickBooks Online - you're essentially talking directly to the QuickBooks Online servers, and exchanging data with them.

Getting Started

You'll have to start by creating an Intuit Developer Account (register at https://idnforums.intuit.com/) and an AppCenter account using the same information (register at https://appcenter.intuit.com/).

You can then create a new app within AppCenter. Creating a new app will get you OAuth tokens for both development, and production.

From here, you need to implement OAuth to get a connection to Intuit. Highly recommend you find a pre-built library to implement OAuth for you as it's a complicated process. If you're using PHP, make sure you check out the QuickBooks PHP DevKit. OAuth works via you bouncing the end-users over to Intuit's website. They then enter their username/password on Intuit's site, and Intuit will bounce them back to you, together with a set of security tokens. You then store these tokens, and use these tokens in future requests to get data from Intuit's servers.

There's a quick-start guide for PHP here:


To allow other people to actually use your application, you need to publish it. The publishing process is governed by Intuit - they make you go through several steps before you can publish:

  • You will need to demo your application to someone at Intuit
  • You will need to go through a technical review with Intuit, to make sure that your application works as expected
  • You will need to implement the Intuit "blue dot" menu
  • You will need to implement "Connect" and "Disconnect" buttons and embed them in your application
  • You will need to pass Intuit's security review process
  • You will need to provide sales/marketing information about your application (app name, description, target audience, support info, etc.) to Intuit

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Additional Reading

Lots more detail is available through Intuit's website: https://ipp.developer.intuit.com/0010_Intuit_Partner_Platform/0025_Intuit_Anywhere

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