QuickBooks Web Connector - No data exchange required

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No data exchange required.

What does "No data exchange required" mean?

That message means exactly what it says:

  • There's no data to exchange. There's nothing to do.

The Web Connector (and most frameworks/dev kits built around it) use a 'queue' concept. Once the queue is empty, there's nothing else to do, and you'll get that message. If you add something to the queue, then it will process those items until there's nothing left to do, and then you'll get the "No Data Exchange..." message again.

So, for instance, say you want to build a process whereby every time a customer is created within your store, the customer gets created in QuickBooks. You'd then want to set up a process where when that customer is created within your store, you queue up a request to add the customer to QuickBooks.