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QuickBooks Integration Wiki

Intuit (the people that make QuickBooks) provides a few different APIs you can use, depending on what type of application you're building, and what you're looking to accomplish.

Choose the one that best fits or that you want more information about.

QuickBooks Online

If you're building a SaaS application (i.e. an application that you resell to many other users) you should probably be using the Intuit Partner Platform. From here, you have two choices:

All applications (SaaS and otherwise) may use the QuickBooks Online v3 REST API to integrate with QuickBooks Online:

  1. QuickBooks Federated App: If you want Intuit do charge your customers' credit cards, and then cut you a check every month. Intuit will take a 20% revenue share from the total billed. Intuit no longer allows creating new Federated applications - use Intuit Anywhere instead
  1. QuickBooks Intuit Anywhere App: Allows you to integrate with QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks for Windows

If you're building for QuickBooks for Windows, you'll need to use the SDK instead.

  1. QuickBooks Web Connector: If you're integrating a website into QuickBooks for Windows, you should use the Web Connector.
  1. QuickBooks QBFC/COM Components: If you're building a desktop/Windows application, you can use the SDK QBFC and/or COM components to talk to QuickBooks.
  1. QuickBooks Online via qbXML: If you're building an application which integrates with QuickBooks Online, you can HTTP POST data directly to the QuickBooks Online qbXML gateway. It is expected that Intuit will soon deprecated QuickBooks Online via qbXML. Recommend you use IPP/Intuit Anywhere instead.
  1. Example qbXML Requests: Example qbXML requests for both QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks Online.
  1. QuickBooks SDK Error Codes: List of SDK error codes.

QuickBooks Point of Sales SDK

  1. Example Point of Sale qbXML Requests: Example qbXML requests for QuickBooks Point of Sale.

QuickBooks Merchant Services

  1. QuickBooks Merchant Services: If you want to charge credit cards using QuickBooks Merchant Services, you can use the QuickBooks Merchant Services API gateway to do so.

QuickBooks DevKits

  1. QuickBooks PHP DevKit: PHP DevKit library for integrating with QuickBooks.
  1. Intuit-provided DevKits: Intuit has DevKits for .NET and Java over here: https://ipp.developer.intuit.com/0010_Intuit_Partner_Platform/0200_DevKits_for_Intuit_Partner_Platform