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Make sure you follow Intuit's Developer Guidelines:

Additional things which you'll have to make sure work:

  • Show the "Connect to QuickBooks" button in your application (e.g. on a configuration or settings page or something) if the user is NOT connected. DO NOT show it if the user is already connected.
  • If the user is connected, make sure there's an option to DISCONNECT from QuickBooks somewhere in your app. DO NOT show this option if you the user is not connected.
  • The "blue dot" menu must be displayed ONLY when a user is connected to QuickBooks. DO NOT display the menu if the user is not connected yet. If the user disconnects
  • Make sure that after a disconnect, the page refreshes so that the "blue dot" menu goes away (AND, if applicable, so that the "Connect to QuickBooks" button shows up).
  • Make sure that after a connect, the page refreshes so that the "blue dot" menu shows up, AND so that the "Connect to QuickBooks" button disappears.
  • Make sure that if the user disconnects *via AppCenter* the "blue dot" menu does not continue to show up in your application (that means you need to do a query or register an OpenID endpoint to be able to detect disconnects from outside of your application).
  • Make sure the "blue dot" menu placement is in the top right of your application. You SHOULD NOT move it away from it's normal placement.
  • Make sure you test all of this in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.