QuickBooks PHP DevKit

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What can I do with it?

  • Automatically send orders placed on your website to QuickBooks
* Charge credit cards using the QuickBooks Merchant Service
* Connect to Intuit Anywhere / the Intuit Partner Platform and access IDS Services  
* Get access to QuickBooks reports 
* Pull information out of QuickBooks and display it online 
* Connect to all Microsoft Windows versions of QuickBooks
* Connect to QuickBooks Online Edition
 * etc. etc. etc.

It's under the Eclipse Public License, so you can use it in commercial or free/open-source projects.

Where do I get it?

Use a nightly release for the latest Intuit Anywhere goodies.

Intuit Anywhere / Intuit Partner Platform

Go here: QuickBooks PHP DevKit for Intuit Anywhere

QuickBooks Web Connector

Go here: QuickBooks PHP DevKit for the Web Connector

QuickBooks Online via qbXML *deprecated*

Intuit has deprecated this method of communication with QuickBooks Online. Recommend you not use it.

Go here: QuickBooks PHP DevKit for QuickBooks Online via qbXML