QuickBooks PHP Integrations using the QuickBooks Web Connector (QuickBooks_API OOP method)

See also: QuickBooks PHP Framework

The QuickBooks PHP Framework now supports a purely OOP way of communicating with QuickBooks via the Web Connector. Some of the methods are documented below. You should download the latest release (or nightly build, if you're adventurous) and see the included documentation for more complete examples. The files you should look at in the downloaded package are:

  • docs/example_api_server.php
  • docs/example_api_client.php
  • docs/example_api_client_canadian.php

QuickBooks_API Methods


QuickBooks_API→addCustomer($Customer, $callback = null, $webapp_ID = null, $priority = null)

  • $Customer

The QuickBooks_Object_Customer you want to add to QuickBooks as a Customer within QuickBooks

  • $callback

The callback function (or static method, or object instance method) to call when we receive a response from QuickBooks

  • $webapp_ID

The primary key of the record you added within your own application

  • $priority

The priority of the request (higher priorities run sooner). If you do not provide a priority value, the priority value will be auto-guessed for you (objects with lots of dependencies (e.g. invoices) get run later than objects with no dependencies (e.g. customers)).

QuickBooks_Object_* Classes


$Customer = new QuickBooks_Object_Customer();


$Invoice = new QuickBooks_Object_Invoice();

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