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 +====== Mozilla Thunderbird Defaults To The Wrong Default Printer ======
 +Mozilla Thunderbird has a bad habit of remembering the default printer, rather than pulling the default printer from your Windows (OS X? Linux?) preferences every time. 
 +Thus, if you set up Thunderbird when you have one printer as the default, and then change the default printer, Thunderbird will still try to print to the old default printer. 
 +Fix it as follows: 
 +  * Open Thunderbird
 +  * Go to the Tools menu
 +  * Go to the Options submenu
 +  * Go to 'Advanced'
 +  * On the 'General' tab, choose the 'Config Editor' button
 +  * Find the "print.print_printer" option
 +  * Right click on it and choose 'Reset'
 +  * Close Thunderbird
 +  * Check in Windows to ensure the correct printer is chosen as the default printer
 +  * Re-open Thunderbird
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